Wheelie T-Shirts

Inspired by a haunted children's toy and designed by a local artist, these t-shirts are made for everyone from the proud local to spooked-out visitor

Designs Available

Wheelie Rolls Free

Referencing staff reports of Wheelie's unaided nightly strolls through the Yeo House, this  artistic rendition of Wheelie highlights all the toy's endearing idiosyncrasies. 

Wheelie and the Yeo House Black

Inspired by vintage vampire movie posters, this design features Wheelie looking out over the allegedly haunted Yeo House, a historic Island home and one of seven PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation Sites 

Wheelie and the Yeo House Navy

A splash of buttery yellow to the moon and navy background soften up the image. 

Wheelie's Story

Built in 1865, the Yeo House was home to one of the most successful shipbuilding families on PEI. Following the decline of the shipbuilding industry, the house became host to a series of supernatural occurrences. During a restoration, Wheelie was found in the walls of the house, and is said to move on its own accord when staff are looking the other way.

Protect Wheelie at all costs.

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Forget Anne, I’m coming to PEI to meet Wheelie.

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Hands up if you’d die for Wheelie.

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